817, New Westminster


This proposal is a pilot project for targeting Passive House towards the 2032 BCBC goal of zero emissions and a housing type conforming to Section 1.3 the Townhomes and Rowhouse residential neighbourhood.

The current design is smaller in size than what we would normally see for a Townhouse development due to the smaller size of the lot. However, it does retain a similar typology and proportions, while maintaining setbacks suggested for both townhomes and single family types. Digressing slightly from the typology we have added a more private 3rd unit to the rear to maximize the potential and to provide 3 appropriately sized 3 and 4 bedroom units. Adding this floor area only to the 2 front units would have created excessively large residents more in line with single family designs.

The location of the 3rd unit does not compromise the privacy of the front 2 units and creates a variety in the form rather than two simple side by side front units.

The building forms are largely rectilinear which allows us to both maximize interior spaces and create thermal bridge free detailing that is crucial to affordable passive house construction.

At the rear of the property we have incorporated a carport for each unit. They have been careful located to make the most efficient circulation for all residents to access them from their units. The carports are also designed to match the style of the building and conform to recent guidelines for carports in the OCP.

At the northwest corner of the property next to carport 1, we have added a communal recycling station and covered bike parking for all residents.

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